Let’s get it… started

The tone of this blog will be set as we move along.  Right off the bat, I like sports.  Sometimes I talk about nothing but sports.  Sometimes I talk about what drives me nuts.  Sometimes I talk politics which makes others nuts.  All of the stuff you see here is simply meant to point out what makes me nuts.  OR how fun it is to make other people go nuts.  I am a bit of an instigator at times…  Enjoy.

A rainy Monday morning is buoyed by a happy sports weekend.  The Jets pulled out a big win and are now in first place.  The Yanks beat the Sox to clinch a playoff spot. 

A couple of things that jumped out at me over the past week in sports…

I love the guy that makes a big play on the field then has to celebrate to the extent that he gets a penalty.  It happens all the time, but for example, Asante Samuel, CB of the Philadelphia Eagles, made a nice play on a pass yesterday keeping the Jaguars from converting a 3rd and 8.  Asante simply had to tell the world how great he was, but since there were no mountains around, he took a good 30 seconds out of the game to let everyone in the desolate Jacksonville stadium know, and promptly got flagged for a 15 yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.  Net loss of 7 yards.  Nice.

Last week, Viking vs. Dolphins.  Similar situation but a more fitting result.  Dolphins CB Vontae Davis breaks up a pass intended for a Vikings receiver.  Vontae gets up to celebrate and hurts himself stomping his leg and leaves the game injured with the help of trainers.  Congratulations Vontae.  Notice how both of those guys names end in the letter e.  Eerie.

It happens time and time again.  I am all for getting fired-up if you make a big play.  They are playing a game after all.  If you hurt the team, come on.  The self-adulation and non-stop pointing out how great you are is old.  I miss Curtis Martin who acted as if he had done it before.

This seems like a good place to set the tone.  And for those that don’t know where the name of the blog comes from.  Shame on you.  It’s Coming to America when Eddie Murphy’s character gets a helping hand at a Knicks game.  Check it out.   It’s a classic.



  1. My fave: both of their names end in E. Eerie is funny. This is fun! I rarely get a chance to hear you spout off (#notatalltrue) and am excited for more.

  2. … looking forward to reading more.

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