Gimme a dolla

I rarely have bad days.  At least, not to the point where I say, “what in the name of Helio Castroneves is going on?”  Let me tell you how great yesterday was.  

10:00am – conference call – Lou, my engineer and three members of a company were scheduled to be on the call, calling in from England.  Engineer has been AWOL for 3 days.  No one has heard anything from him.  In the corporate world, this qualifies as high drama.  Found that out at 9:59. As I waited to start the conference call, 4 other people were on the call that I did not know. Turns out, my manager took my conference call info for a separate call with a troll that sits next to me that has been known to fall asleep and snore at her desk and used it for a call at the same time.  Lots of cross-talk on the line, some with a limey accent, some with a Jersey accent. 

RESULT – The US based person calls me on my cell and I explained the mix-up.  I say that my engineer called in sick and apologized for the mix-up. He said “this is not good and this will hurt us getting the deal with the European folks”. Awesome.

Fast forward to Lunch – Drop off my car at the mechanic.  While en route, an account due to install today calls to complain that that has now been pushed back a week.  They move in this Thursday and do not have any other options for phone and internet connectivity.  Awesome.  Get some tin cans and a string.

1:00pm – Hear from the mechanic and he says, “sit down for a minute”.  For the love of Dick Chaney this is gonna hurt.  Turns out the radiator and transmission might be shot. $1,100-4,000 or scrap it. 

3:00pm – Walk back into the office and the calls and emails re: the now delayed installation intensify.

At this point, I need a little help to get back to my day.  I look to the vending machine for help.  It eats my dollar.  It’s 3:13.

As I limp to the finish line of the day, I take solace in the fact that it is my 35th birthday on Thursday, my car just died and I hate my job, even more so now that I found out the company is for sale.  That and the fact I am about to add a new payment to our  household for a car.

Thank god for red wine.  Smoke ’em if you got ’em.


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  1. Bristol Palin is now dancing with stars… cue the cliche: everything happens for a reason. The vending machine eating your dollar probably pushed you to the aforementioned cliched brink — but we shall bring you joy in a matter of days Uncle Show.

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