Tradition, marketing and the 3rd person

 I wonder what happened to tradition in sports sometimes.  Last night, the Rays gave away 20,000 tickets to see a game for a playoff bound team.  How did they choose to give the additional 40,000 eyes a better show?  Plaid caps.  That’s right.  Plaid caps.  They looked like Bear Bryant or Carrie from Sex in the City with a Burberry-esque print on the bill of their caps.  It reminded me of when the Yanks rolled out new batting practice hats a few years back.  One of the longest standing uniforms in sports was somewhat soiled by adding a clear marketing ploy. 

The marketing of sports is comical at times.  ESPN has a minimum of 5 on-air personalities camped outside the Miami Heat’s practice facility.  They have just announced there will be near 24/7 coverage of their time at camp.  I don’t care about the NBA and REALLY don’t care about their camps.  Overkill?  I literally laughed and wondered if it was April Fool’s when they announced the camp coverage.

Onto what appears to be a normal occurrence, misbehaving defensive backs in football.  Nick Collins, DB of the Green Bay Packers is this weeks winner.  Captured on video, Nick fired his mouthpiece into the crowd and got into a shouting match with fans after their bitter rivalry game versus the Bears on Monday night.  Supposedly someone shouted racial slurs at him.  He apologized for his actions on Wednesday.  His apology sounded something like this, “I’d like to apologize to Nick Collins’ fans.”  Really?  Was it easier to say that than “I’d like to apologize to my fans?”  There is nothing in sports that is a bigger pet-peeve of mine than when athletes go 3rd person.  It is an absolute joke.

Speaking of the non-stop Miami Heat coverage, what if ESPN took “The Decision” a step further.  Think about it, what if they gave 24/7 coverage of Lebron 365.  We could have “The Breakfast” and “The Christmas”.  It would be great.  Scrambled eggs and waffles with LeBron or waking up with Lebron on Christmas and opening gifts with him in the room.  In 3D of course.


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