The Decision goes live, again

The NBA season started last night.  In the marquee game, the Miami Heat with D. Wade, Chris Bosh and the star of The Decision squared off against the Boston Celtics.  Boston added Shaquille O’Neal and Jermaine O’Neal, but despite playing for the green shamrocks, both are not Irish.  Boston won the game on a late 3 by Ray Allen that iced it.  Earlier in the game, and this is when you knew it was a big game, Paul Pierce left the floor to go to the locker room with an injury.  If you ever watched Paul Pierce play, you know he is a good player but slightly melodramatic.  This guy acts more than Brendan Fraser and just as bad.  He is one of the key culprits that makes me think I am watching soccer with all the flopping Paul does during a bball game.

In other news, the World Series starts tonight.  When the promo came on during Glee last night, my wife said, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that”.  So have most people as Fox will soon learn.

As we near the midterm elections, please do your part and vote.  Look at the issues and vote based on what you think rather than a popular TV show.  Just like ESPN doesn’t have to tell you what to be outraged at in the world of sports, media outlets shouldn’t have to tell you who to vote for.


The Great Pumpkin

An intense topic of discussion this weekend has focused on what we will be for Halloween next weekend.  The Mrs. wants us to do something as a couple, although she only made that known AFTER I came up with an idea that makes me laugh at the possibilities.  Those that know me know how big a fan I am of Will Ferrell.  In Will’s last funny movie (sorry The Other guys, that was lame) but in Step Brothers, Will teams up with John C. Reilly.  John shows up in a scene randomly in a Chewbacca mask and sitting against the headboard of his bed.  Every time I see it, I laugh so hard I cry.

This has been a goal of mine for over a week now.  I’m tall, I’m hairy, and can sound like Chewbacca if called upon.  Plus, the thought of wearing Chewbacca’s satchel to carry all of my things is appealing a la Zach Gafilinakis in The Hangover.

Speaking of the black and orange holiday…

The SF Giants made the World Series yesterday but so did the Yankees.  This insures that one team who has not won the Series in 55 years (SF) will play a team that has never won (49 years for TX).  The Giants feature 5 former Yankees on their coaching staff.  Dave Righetti, Henry Cotto, Bam Bam Meulens, Roberto Kelly. 

Suck it Yankee haters.

It’s kind of sad

The end of the Yankees season always signifies that Winter is coming.  No more coming home and putting on shorts.  No more firing up the grill (ok plugging in the grill) while watching from the balcony and then lighting a cigar as it is still light out.  The boys of Summer give way to the men of the gridiron.  College basketball is coming and that is also some solace for me, but baseball has, will and will continue to be my first love.

Speaking of love…

Could ESPN be BURYING LeBron anymore?  I know in news “if it bleeds it leads” but come on.  The guy yielded to ESPN’s request to make his “Decision” on where he would be playing for the next few years on-air.  He wanted the $3 million check for the exclusive he would give the worldwide leader in sports, to be made out to the Boys and Girls Club.  You never hear ESPN or ANYONE say that.  Why?  Does it make ESPN look bad?  Does it negatively impact their precious brand awareness?  I don’t know, but the only problem I have with “The Decision” is that LeBron didn’t tell Cleveland before the special that he was going to Miami.  AND I really don’t have as much problem with that as I do with the fact that the guy is not the most eloquent speaker to put it nicely.  Granted the whole special was self-serving, but donating the proceeds was a solid gesture and something that needed to be told.  I’d rather know that than hear from bitter Cleveland fans that LeBron is some traitor.  If you were going to take a trip, and then live their for the next 10 years, would you choose to go to Cleveland or to “take your talents to South Beach”?

And the pitch…

I thought it was hilarious to watch RedSoxCenter’s coverage during the ALCS.  Steve Berthuiame, an anchor that was once banished from ESPN for being too critical of the Yankees and too pro-Boston, had to turn to Aaron Boone for insight.  The same Aaron Boone that broke Berthuiame and “Red Sox Nation’s” hearts in October 2003 back when the curse was still the curse.  Getting kicked off of ESPN for being too Boston centric is like being kicked off of Obama’s staff for wanting to hand out too much money.  The irony of the story?  Berthuiame had to reincarnate his career at SNY, the NY Mets baseball network.

ESPN is a network of unapologetic chowdaheads.  The network’s on-air talent includes: Nomar Garciaparra (Sawx SS for 10 years), Curt Schilling (the former Sox pitcher that never met a microphone, or a sandwich, he didn’t like) and Tedy Bruschi (Patriots LB for 10 years).  Who says there is an East Coast (re: Boston) bias on Sportscenter?  Most, which is why they now film regularly in Los Angeles.

Yanks season is over, the Jets are on a bye and college basketball starts in a few more weeks.  Feel free to reach out with some feedback.  I’ll welcome the break from around-the-house projects.


What would ya say ya do here?

I constantly have to talk fellow sports fans off the ledge. After listening to sports talk radio in the tri-state area, I know all about overreaction and outlandish claims to draw in callers and fill hours of radio for better ratings. It is an absolute joy to hear the ego of Mike Francesa. The guy kicks off his show with 20 minutes of him in a soliloquy type fashion. It is pure radio gold. This guy once name dropped to Joe Montana for upwards of a minute. It was classic. I wish Joe cool would have just said, “you do know I met some people along the way to winning 4 Super Bowls, right Mike?”

Have you seen my baseball?

At the end of today, the Yanks will be tied in their series with the Rangers, 2 games a piece. It is exactly where they should be after 4 games with 2 at home and 2 on the road. Relax.

When I think back, it hurts my head…

I’ve loved sports for as far back as I can remember. I often wonder what it must be like to NOT be attached to sports. I’d have hours more time to do lord knows what. I’d definitely be more boring and perhaps more well-read if not for sports. My wife would like it as she would not have to ask me questions 5 times.
I played sports competitively through college. Towards the end, it was not to have fun, but to keep the best seat in the house or get a chance to dive into the crowd for a loose ball and introduce myself to the newest cheerleader. “Hellllo”

After I was done playing competitively, I focused on being tall. I’ve gotten very good at it. I started playing hoops and softball and found it to be a lot more fun when just messing around with friends. At the end of the day, that is why I love sports. To get to see people compete, share a bond with friends, and have a team to cheer for. I live for this.

Enjoy your evening…

I saw an article on how LeBron had hand-picked Larry Bird to be his next coach if he stayed in Cleveland before “The Decision”.  Awesome.  Larry Legend had turned it down but other hopefuls for the position included long time defensive coaching guru, Dick Harter.  Maybe the best name in sports.

I was watching the Dolphins Pats game last night when it was still close.  Cameron Wake, the defensive end in Miami who took over for Jason Taylor, was supplexed by the Pats offensive lineman.  While 3 officials simultaneously threw a flag for the supposed infraction, after a short conference, the officials gathered that “there was no foul for holding” on the play.  Wait, what?!!  Three officials saw it happen, flagged it, then decided that since the person the lineman was protecting was long-haired Tom, it was okay?  It’s not enough the guy goes home to Giselle but you have to skew the rules for him as well?  The tuck rule started their run and the gifts just keep on coming.  God I hate Boston.

I love how Twitter is now an accurate source for reporting.  A player can say they are not playing the next week due to injury in the NFL and is considered a reputable source.  In 140 characters or less.  If it were Michael Vick’s after his rib injury it could look like this: “hey y’all, not gonna make it out there this week.  My ribs are more beat up than one of my dogs. LOL” and ESPN would run it on the crawl.

Baseball playoffs start in less than 24 hours.  Get it.

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!!!

It’s that time again.  A chill in the air, leaves changing colors, politicians ramping up the hype.  It’s the fall.  That means playoff baseball.  Ahhhhhhhh.

For the first time that I can remember, I cheered AGAINST the Yanks on Sunday.  If they won and Tampa lost on Sunday, the Bronx Bombers would have had to face one of the best LHP’s in baseball in Cliff Lee twice in a five game series.  By losing on Sunday, the Yanks get to face the Minnesota Twins.  Minnesota used to have the Metrodome where the Yankees dominated.  Now they have Target Field.  It’s an outdoor stadium which is always brilliant considering it’s MINNESOTA and it never gets cold in Minnesota in October.  Genius.

That means Tampa faces the Rangers and Cliff Lee in the other ALDS.  In the NLDS the Cincinnati Reds make the playoffs for the first time in 15 years and will face the back-to-back pennant winning Philadelphia Phillies.  The Phillies have the benefit of home field throughout the NL playoffs and the World Series if they make it thanks to the NL winning the All Star game earlier this year.  The Giants square off against the Braves led by the retiring Bobby Cox, who got his 2,500th win last week.  It should be fun and it all kicks off on Wednesday.  

Predicitions?  I’d be shocked if the Phillies don’t make it with the pitching they have.  Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels is the best top 3 pitching line in baseball.  In the AL, I think it is wide open.  Every team has problems: Yanks don’t know who can be counted on besides CC Sabathia when it comes to pitching, Tampa has had problems hitting all year and Evan Longoria has not played in two weeks with a calf injury, Minnesota lacks their 2nd best hitter in Justin Mourneau as he continues to recover from a concussion and Joe Mauer is less than 100% with a bad back which is never good for a catcher.  Texas comes in with injury questions of their own as their MVP candidate Josh Hamilton comes in after missing almost all of September with broken ribs.

Should be fun.  Speaking of broken ribs, did you see Michael Vick get hit yesterday?  I’m sure PETA has replayed it a few times in joy.  Have a great Monday.