I saw an article on how LeBron had hand-picked Larry Bird to be his next coach if he stayed in Cleveland before “The Decision”.  Awesome.  Larry Legend had turned it down but other hopefuls for the position included long time defensive coaching guru, Dick Harter.  Maybe the best name in sports.

I was watching the Dolphins Pats game last night when it was still close.  Cameron Wake, the defensive end in Miami who took over for Jason Taylor, was supplexed by the Pats offensive lineman.  While 3 officials simultaneously threw a flag for the supposed infraction, after a short conference, the officials gathered that “there was no foul for holding” on the play.  Wait, what?!!  Three officials saw it happen, flagged it, then decided that since the person the lineman was protecting was long-haired Tom, it was okay?  It’s not enough the guy goes home to Giselle but you have to skew the rules for him as well?  The tuck rule started their run and the gifts just keep on coming.  God I hate Boston.

I love how Twitter is now an accurate source for reporting.  A player can say they are not playing the next week due to injury in the NFL and is considered a reputable source.  In 140 characters or less.  If it were Michael Vick’s after his rib injury it could look like this: “hey y’all, not gonna make it out there this week.  My ribs are more beat up than one of my dogs. LOL” and ESPN would run it on the crawl.

Baseball playoffs start in less than 24 hours.  Get it.



  1. If I had any idea what you were talking about I would probably really enjoy your posts…. Like the writing style though!

  2. Thank goodness you finally found an outlet for all that pent up anger you harbor. I can’t wait to see what you write the first time the umps blow a call in the playoffs which will be within the first 2 innings of the first game played Wednesday. As for the refs in the NFL, Ray Ray had it right… all this offense is great for teams that have no defense. It know it would be worth the 15 yard penalty to see someone stick one in Brady’s ear.

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