What would ya say ya do here?

I constantly have to talk fellow sports fans off the ledge. After listening to sports talk radio in the tri-state area, I know all about overreaction and outlandish claims to draw in callers and fill hours of radio for better ratings. It is an absolute joy to hear the ego of Mike Francesa. The guy kicks off his show with 20 minutes of him in a soliloquy type fashion. It is pure radio gold. This guy once name dropped to Joe Montana for upwards of a minute. It was classic. I wish Joe cool would have just said, “you do know I met some people along the way to winning 4 Super Bowls, right Mike?”

Have you seen my baseball?

At the end of today, the Yanks will be tied in their series with the Rangers, 2 games a piece. It is exactly where they should be after 4 games with 2 at home and 2 on the road. Relax.

When I think back, it hurts my head…

I’ve loved sports for as far back as I can remember. I often wonder what it must be like to NOT be attached to sports. I’d have hours more time to do lord knows what. I’d definitely be more boring and perhaps more well-read if not for sports. My wife would like it as she would not have to ask me questions 5 times.
I played sports competitively through college. Towards the end, it was not to have fun, but to keep the best seat in the house or get a chance to dive into the crowd for a loose ball and introduce myself to the newest cheerleader. “Hellllo”

After I was done playing competitively, I focused on being tall. I’ve gotten very good at it. I started playing hoops and softball and found it to be a lot more fun when just messing around with friends. At the end of the day, that is why I love sports. To get to see people compete, share a bond with friends, and have a team to cheer for. I live for this.

Enjoy your evening…


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