It’s kind of sad

The end of the Yankees season always signifies that Winter is coming.  No more coming home and putting on shorts.  No more firing up the grill (ok plugging in the grill) while watching from the balcony and then lighting a cigar as it is still light out.  The boys of Summer give way to the men of the gridiron.  College basketball is coming and that is also some solace for me, but baseball has, will and will continue to be my first love.

Speaking of love…

Could ESPN be BURYING LeBron anymore?  I know in news “if it bleeds it leads” but come on.  The guy yielded to ESPN’s request to make his “Decision” on where he would be playing for the next few years on-air.  He wanted the $3 million check for the exclusive he would give the worldwide leader in sports, to be made out to the Boys and Girls Club.  You never hear ESPN or ANYONE say that.  Why?  Does it make ESPN look bad?  Does it negatively impact their precious brand awareness?  I don’t know, but the only problem I have with “The Decision” is that LeBron didn’t tell Cleveland before the special that he was going to Miami.  AND I really don’t have as much problem with that as I do with the fact that the guy is not the most eloquent speaker to put it nicely.  Granted the whole special was self-serving, but donating the proceeds was a solid gesture and something that needed to be told.  I’d rather know that than hear from bitter Cleveland fans that LeBron is some traitor.  If you were going to take a trip, and then live their for the next 10 years, would you choose to go to Cleveland or to “take your talents to South Beach”?

And the pitch…

I thought it was hilarious to watch RedSoxCenter’s coverage during the ALCS.  Steve Berthuiame, an anchor that was once banished from ESPN for being too critical of the Yankees and too pro-Boston, had to turn to Aaron Boone for insight.  The same Aaron Boone that broke Berthuiame and “Red Sox Nation’s” hearts in October 2003 back when the curse was still the curse.  Getting kicked off of ESPN for being too Boston centric is like being kicked off of Obama’s staff for wanting to hand out too much money.  The irony of the story?  Berthuiame had to reincarnate his career at SNY, the NY Mets baseball network.

ESPN is a network of unapologetic chowdaheads.  The network’s on-air talent includes: Nomar Garciaparra (Sawx SS for 10 years), Curt Schilling (the former Sox pitcher that never met a microphone, or a sandwich, he didn’t like) and Tedy Bruschi (Patriots LB for 10 years).  Who says there is an East Coast (re: Boston) bias on Sportscenter?  Most, which is why they now film regularly in Los Angeles.

Yanks season is over, the Jets are on a bye and college basketball starts in a few more weeks.  Feel free to reach out with some feedback.  I’ll welcome the break from around-the-house projects.




  1. Wait. So I gather from this post that you’re not a fan of Boston. Yes, sad for the Yanks but GO J-E-T-S! PS- this is a HOT looking blog.

  2. Interesting you would bring up Obama (you have issues)… I am curious as to who you will be rooting for in the World Series?

    The Rangers- Texas, as Red a state as there is in the Union. Home of George W. (please stop trying to defend him, you are too smart for that). The team that dismantled our beloved Yanks (the south won this battle for sure). A team wrought with knuckle-heads and false bravado.


    The Giants- It doesn’t get any more Blue than San Francisco, CA well, more Rainbow than blue but yu get the picture). Largest supporters of your own personal Evil Empire, Obama (hate to tell ya bud, things are far better now then they were 2 years ago). The greatest underdog since the NY Giants knocked out the Pats in the Super Bowl (the only time Plaxico Buress was right in his life and the best sound bite Tom Brandy ever gave). A team with some interesting characters that plays hard and has some nasty arms (even if they can’t hit a lick).

    Bats (and arms) vs Arms. Red vs Blue. Who are you taking???

    Can’t wait to see how those idiots on the Sports Networks try to spin the least interesting World Series in recent memory. My only solace is the fact that Fox, possibly the worst network in America, is cursed with the least watchable World Series ever (do the owners of Fox also run the NY Post… question for another day). Try selling those time slots to an advertiser. I got your East Coast bias right here…. Oh wait, that’s right, the best fans in sports are in the North East. Look at ratings from ANY televised sporting event in the past 50 years. Enough said.

    • Cal, I just read this. This is hilarious to look at when you, and I’m sure other people thought Obama was doing a good job. Now you’d be a fool if you didn’t vote for a 3 legged blind cat over the panderer in chief. Please share with me one good thing the guy has done. I know, I know, everything is Bush’s fault in this 100% of 0 accountability administration. He landed at the pier I take the ferry home from yesterday and closed it for an hour. I still don’t know why they needed to close the terminal when the guy can walk on water according to CBS, ABC and NBC and every newspaper in the tri-state area not named the NY Post. I only pray those who did vote for him learn from their mistake.

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