You spin me right round baby right round

This week, I heard some great spins.  Not from the politicians but from sportsmen.  Charlie Villanueva is a forward for the Detroit Pistons.  Charlie suffers from a disease that prevents him from being able to grow any hair.  This is important when you play against Kevin Garnett, one of the most notorious trash talkers in the NBA.  I used to work for the NJ Nets.  During my time there, I would get to walk around near the court up to and during the games.  The trash that KG would spew was not to be heard by children.  Now that KG has been a Celtic for a few years, his hard nose play and childish demeanor has grown bitter and stale.  He has long been a player to trash talk to get into a player’s head and try to take them out of their game.  KG went against Villanueva last week and allegedly said, “you look like a Cancer patient”.  I won’t get into if it was right or wrong for Villanueva to post it but I will pose the question to you.  Love to hear your response.  The reason I bring this up, was after this was made known what KG said, his publicist or he, decided to address the matter with a “prepared statement”.  KG said, I did not tell him he looked like a Cancer patient, I said he was a cancer to his team and to the NBA.  He went on to say, I would never make fun of someone with Cancer as I have a friend currently going through the disease.  Realllly?  The guy has never been suspended for fighting and has been thrown out less than 5 games for double technical fouls.  KG has been thrown out of 5 games in the past 2 years and suspended 1 for throwing a punch.  Please stop with the spin.  I love the fact that there is no way he could have said what he supposedly said because he knows someone going through Cancer.  That’s like the ol’ adage, “I cannot be racist, I had a friend when I was growing up and he was ____”.

The spin continued today despite irrefutable evidence.  Freddie Roach is a long-time boxing trainer and former boxer.  Freddie, like  Muhammad Ali, suffers from Parkinson’s disease.  The disease causes noticeable shakes and can lead to facial distortions when a person suffering from the disease speaks.  Antonio Margarito faces off against Roach’s fighter Manny Pacquiao this weekend.  Check out the video below to see how sensitive Margarito and his team was.

This coming from a guy that was once banned from boxing for lacing his fists under his gloves with a plaster-like substance.  His response to the irrefutable video evidence?  “I was not making fun of Freddie. It was just that when I was shaking my hands, I was just saying, ‘Man, I’m really scared,'” said Margarito.

“I think that people misunderstood that. That’s what happened,” said Margarito. “It was a misunderstanding. I have nothing against anybody. I have nothing against Freddie Roach. I respect him as a great trainer.”

Doesn’t sound like he was trying to convince himself of that answer at all.  I would use these same excuses 20 years ago when I was a kid and got in trouble.  They didn’t work then and they don’t pass the sniff test now.  Where would we be without publicists?

Happy Veterans Day and a special shout out to my Marine Corps pops. This birthday boy celebrated his birthday, the Marine Corps’ birthday and Veteran’s Day all in the same week.  Semper Fi Meat.



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