Talent Trumps All

The headline applies to the performance of Michael Vick.  Go to jail, come back, redemption story.  Plaxico may or may not have the same fate, but you cannot deny this, talent trumps all.  No matter how heinous the crime, if you have talent, you can always get another chance.

In other news…

the anit-Yankee sentiment in post-season awards continues.  Andy Pettite lost the ’96 Cy Young to Pat Hentgen, yes, Pat Hentgen.  Mariano Rivera once lost out on the Cy Young to Bartolo Colon.  Hideki Matsui was ruled out of winning rookie of the year since he played professionally in Japan (after Ichiro was able to win it despite also being a pro in Japan).  Derek Jeter was once beaten out by Justin Mourneau for the MVP because a Chicago sportswriter was the only writer to vote him outside of the top 2 (he put him outside of the top 10 as a matter of fact).  When asked why, the writer said it was because he was tired of seeing the Yankees win all the time and wanted anyone but a Yankee to win the award.  Nice.  Way to be impartial.  Today it continued when a pitcher with a record of 13-12 beat out CC Sabathia who led the league in wins and led his team to the ALCS.  Good job sabrematrecians.

I’ll be at MSG tonight to see some good basketball.  Not the Knicks, my Terps are in town.  They play the Pitt Panthers who feature 3 guards who can all shoot.  It may get ugly since the Terps view the 3 point line as a forcefield that keeps them away from opposing players.

God speed.


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