Awesome.  That’s the word that best sums up my demeanor from 6:30pm-7:30pm last evening.  You see, my beloved Maryland Terps choked away their 1st ACC game of the year to Boston College at about 6:30pm.  To make it worse, several of my friends went to Boston College.  As my buddy told me just last week, they finally have a coach at Boston College that teaches fundamentals.    That statement stuck in my head as I watched our team miss 3 free throws in a row in the final minute.  They are shooting roughly 55% as a team from the FREE throw line this year.  Yes, the ultimate fundamental shot is lacking for the Terps.  At least it is just 1 game of 30 or so on their college basketball slate. 

Then, around 7:30pm, the Jets game came to a merciful close.  After laughing at how poorly they were playing earlier in the game,  I thought, “just hurry up and get this over with” so I could get on with my sports-related misery.  Dinner didn’t taste as good last night.  My glass half-full mentality did made me think of my buddy who drives to and from Central VA to every home Jets game.  He sat in the rain for hours, then got home at roughly 2:30am Monday morning.  That’s dedication.  Or insanity.  Either way, it could always get worse.  Case-in-point is the next Gang Green opponent.  AT Pittsburgh.  Who said being a Jets fan is fun/easy? 

I’m looking forward to seeing my family this coming weekend as we all get together to celebrate Christmas.  I’ve been excited about it for weeks.  My two young nieces are great and it is so fun to see them live it up during Christmas.  They remind me of when I was a kid, when I didn’t care about the Terps or Jets.  Well, maybe the Jets.  The highlight of the weekend may be that I get to see my little sister who is flying in from Austin.  She will be there, complete with her new engagement ring, along with her fiancée.  It’s still weird to say.  I’m very excited for my little sister and soon to be brother-in-law.  Special shout out to the current Mr. Craig McKinney and soon to be Mrs. Shannon McKinney!  Too bad she couldn’t get a more Irish name…

Have a good week!