I object your honor

I was having such a great week. Then I decided to put the TV on. I cannot watch any news outlet on any network without getting an angle. What happened to “just the facts”?
I get it, the networks are run by folks in a position of power. With that power can come a sense of entitlement. “I don’t care what you think your entitled to” to loosely quote Jack from A Few Good Men. It’s not responsible journalism. It’s why I go to the BBC and Reuters for my news. I used to go to Google News but when every other story comes from the Huffington Post, The New York Times or any other fine establishment, well, I just start to get sad. The international outlets gives me a perspective not native to these parts and is refreshing. Imagine getting your news without a Breaking News cut in to announce, well, nothing. But it is something that allows us to put a cool graphic onleast screen. These outlets have their pros and cons as well, but at least it caters to people with more than a 140 character attention span.
Everything needs to be instant. No breaking news with that statement but come on, when people start talking in text, remember the “lol” episode for all my Curb fans out there, there’s a problem. What happened to just having a conversation? Not being preoccupied with “what’s next” or “what else am I missing out on by talking to you”. I just wonder sometimes. Why can’t we just live more in the moment? Put your phone down, turn off the tv, read a book and talk to the person in the room. You may learn something other than what celebrity may have said something mildly dull that needs to be blown up to make you take a side. I’m guilty of it too so please don’t take this as a speech. Well it might be a speech, but you came here voluntarily so read it or beat it. I’m not here to make you like me. Just to raise some talking points. I’m a tall dude by most people’s standards that lives outside of NYC and works off of Wall Street. I bring this up because recently, I’ve been made out to be the enemy. I guess I’m the establishment since I wear a suit to work. I’m the bad guy since I think our President should unify our country rather than trying to pick sides. What happened to leading by example? Kicking and stomping your feet because the other side won’t approve your policies for fear of the financial fallout from more blank checks in a failing economy may actually help us get out of the funk. Whatever side of the political fence you fall on, we need to change the way we are doing business. For the record, I am fiscally conservative and socially liberal, an independent label has been applied to my set of beliefs. My rant ends here with a final message. Just do some independent thinking. Get rid of the bs someone tells you or what someone heard. Pay attention to the facts and what’s going on around you. It is sometimes a lot better than just tuning in.

Thanks for reading,