I have to start by saluting my former colleagues at the NJ Nets.  Congrats on wrapping another season and a lot longer in NJ.  Good luck in Brooklyn. 

Anyone else get fired up by playoff hockey?  I would maybe watch one game combined during the regular season, but have been following the “Rangez” in their first round match-up vs. the Sens.  Made the mistake of checking in on the game a couple of times last night and just as the Sens forward kicked in the “goal” that made the score 3-2 NY.  The Mrs. was displeased when the screen did not revert to our originally scheduled program of the previous night’s Mad Men in a timely fashion.  1-0 Jenna if you are scoring the results in that argument.

From the “damn I thought I had a large grape” department, look at this guys dome!  Are we sure a bald head is the way to go here?   

Vikings agreed to terms with WR Jerome Simpson, formerly of the Bengals, on a one-year contract.

Would love to see the size of the hat they give him for the press conference.  Over/under 10 and 5/8’s?

Baseball-wise, Rangez (from Texas) and Yanks are all doing well out of the gate.  The Chi Sawx are surprisingly good but the Red Sawx are historically bad.  They needed a rain out so bad Saturday night versus the Yanks after their collapse on Saturday, they may have called Crash Davis to help.  Google it if you have no idea who Crash Davis is and go ahead and apologize while you’re at it.

The NBA playoffs are coming.  Get ready for the most drawn out 2 months of your sporting life.  Please give me a break Ron Artest.  That was a pathetic, bush league move during the OKC Thunder game and you should be banned once and for all from the league.  Anytime you hit double digits in suspensions that should be enough of an indication that the guy is not wired properly to get an 8 figure salary.  It’s sad that that was not even his ugliest moment.

That’s all I got for now, but I’ve been asked to post more often than once every 6 months.  Granted, it was a request from a family member but I’ll take it.  TTYLMFers.



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